Go Jaguars!!

If you don’t know already, I go to a school called The International School of Dakar. ISD is located in the capital of a country called Senegal. Senegal is the country most to the west on the continent of Africa. What’s really cool about my school is that from the 3rd and 4th flour you can see the Atlantic Ocean. If I had really and I mean really good binoculars I could see South America. Enough about my school and more about me. I am in 9th grade with 50 other kids from around the world. Thankfully 9th grade is not as hard as I thought it would have been. When I was in middle school (which is on the same campus) I was really worried about going to High School. Now that I am in Middle school it’s not the work that stresses me out it’s all of my after school activities. On Monday and Wednesday I have tennis or swimming depending on the trimester. On Tuesday and Thursday I have Dutch School from 5:10pm to 6:40pm. On Fridays after school I surf for about two hours and on Saturday and Sunday I surf for like 4-5 hours depending if the waves are good or not. I hope you learned a bit about my school and what activities I have. If you have any questions just comment below. BBBYYYEEEEE!!!!

3 thoughts on “Go Jaguars!!

  1. G’day Nicholas,
    Great post! But it was difficult to read as it wasn’t written in paragraphs. Maybe a picture would also help in gaining visitors to your blog.

    • Dear Ms White
      Thank you for your feedback, I will make sure to include paragraphs and pictures in the next blog I write.
      Nicholas Ori

  2. Nicholas,
    Hi there! Based on your post, I would now like to go and visit Senegal! I also agree, that sometimes you get stressed out! I play soccer, and now since we are going to area, our coach added an extra day of practicing, which stresses me out because I have homework. Due to soccer, I end up doing homework at the last minute, or very late in the day. Although, I’m starting to get used to it, and I try to clear my schedule as much as I can to concentrate on homework! Come check out my blog at: sarenkabir0603.blogspot.com

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