No One Surfs Alone


If you’ve been reading my blogs you should know that I LOVE to surf. And if you like to surf and live in Dakar you have the chance to surf with a group. You dont have to, you can surf by yourself or you can be like me and surf with a group like Quiksilver, Rip curl or Malika. Even though these groups have there rivalries we always have each others backs.

If you read my last blog you know that surfing inst necessarily a safe sport and things can happen to you. That is why you never and I mean NEVER surf alone. You dont have to even know that person but if your with him/her you are so much safer than if you were alone. That is why I like to think that there is a strong surf community in Dakar. Surfing is a new sport in Senegal so there arnt that many people who surf. There isn’t either much of a coast guard so we kind of have to look out for our selfs and each other.

All that you have to do to be part of the community is respect each other and be kind to each other. This means that you say Bonjour, ca va? (which means hello and how are you in french) when you paddle into the line up. This also means that you dont drop in on someone (which means that you dont paddle and then surf the wave if someone is already on the wave, which is also a good safety tip). Now you know how to join the surf commuity we welcome you in.

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2 thoughts on “No One Surfs Alone

  1. Nicholas,
    Great post about surfing in Dakar but the one thing that spoils it is the photo link. Maybe you could learn how to create a hyperlink so the words Photo Link will be in blue and a reader would click on it to go to the photo’s original owner.

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